MERUKI offers

  • Monitor

    An easy & user friendly way to monitor tweets, posts, comments across popular social media platforms.

  • Analyze

    Data visualaization with valuble insights on social media conversations on selected tags & topics.

  • Engage

    Be a better listener of online conversations. Direct converse with your followers & detrators in more engaging & cost effective way.

  • Sentiment Analysis

    Monitors the level of integration & tracks sentiment level for any time frame.

  • Real Time Influencers

    In depth data on influencers driving the current conversations.

  • Live charts

    Real Time data to keep you up to date on relevent social media conversations.

Our Services

Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Compare different insights with your competitors.

Key Influencers

Key Influencers

Automated search of opinion leaders and authoritative individuals.

Real Time Access

Real Time Access

Continual refreshed database of major social media networks.

Social Media Widgets

Social Media Widgets

Display widgets of data anaytics of your choice on your website, blog, article, etc.

meet Our Team

Jwalant Patel

CEO, Co-Founder

Chintan Trivedi

CTO, Co-Founder

Nilay Brahmbhatt